The Story Ends With It: Chapter 2!

Good day my friends, it has been a while since we last chatted and discussed the latest movie release at the theatre. It seems the last time that we did that was back on August 21st. But as they say, we all need a break to re-charge our batteries so that I could give you the best possible movie review. Over that time I just did that and took some time for myself to spend time with friends and finish a goal I set for myself and just relax. But now I am back and here to give you your first official movie review of September. I liken it to a much-anticipated conclusion to a story that left you with a cliffhanger. So, without much further ado I am going to get this review started. This week we are looking at the conclusion of the movie based on the Steven King hit novel It. The movie It: Chapter 2 is the conclusion of the story from the best selling novel to finish off what It started back in 2017. The movie stars Jessica Chastain ( Molly's Game) as Beverly Marsh, James McAvoy (Split) as Bill Denbrough, Bill Hader( Inside Out) as Richie Tozer, Isaiah Mustafa(Nikita ) as Mike Hanlon, Jay Ryan(Mary Kills People) as Ben Hanscome, James Ransone(Sinister) as Eddie Kaspbrak, Andy Bean(Here And Now) as Stanley Uris and Bill Skarsgard( Deadpool 2) as Pennywise. Let us take a look and see if this sequel can scare up a good review from me. 

It has been 27 years since the events of It when the losers club defeated the evil kid killing entity that takes the form of a clown named Pennywise. But since that time all the members of the losers club have moved on with their lives and out of the cursed town of Derry, Maine and have even forgotten the town and all memories of the events. All that remains is a scar on their hand from the cut they self-inflicted to create a blood oath in case Pennywise came back... Well, not all the members of the losers club have left! Mike Hanlon(Mustafa) has stayed behind and has noticed that what happened 27 years ago is happening again just like it always does every 27 years. Mike contacts all his old friends from the losers club to bring them back to help defeat Pennywise(Skarsgard) once and for all! Each member of the group returns except for Stan(Bean) who takes his own life, as the memories from that time in his childhood were just too much to bear. As the friends reunite all their memories all start to return like a flood. Knowing that they are there to try and stop him Pennywise begins his attack of fear on the losers club immediately. This is too much for Mike's friends and they decide to leave, knowing that if they do stay they will most certainly die! Mike pleads with Bill(McAvoy) to give him once chance to show him something then if he doesn't like what he sees then Bill can leave. What he shows Bill is that he has found a way to kill Pennywise for good this time with an old Native American ritual from a tribe that battled the creature in the past. Bill seeing this helps Mike convince the rest of the losers club to stay and fight with this new information. What they also learn is that Beverly(Chastain) knows how every one of them when and will die. That if they do not stay and try and stop Pennywise they will all die in the next few years, but if they stay there is a chance that they will survive and live long full lives. She learned this from when Pennywise had captured her 27 years ago and had her under a trance. The friends decide to stay and fight. Unknown to all of them Pennywise has recruited some help to stop the losers club in the form of Henry Bowers who had survived his fall down the well all those years ago when Pennywise had him first try and kill the losers club 27 years ago. All this time Bowers has been in a mental institution for the criminally insane. But with the help of the evil clown, Bowers breaks out and is en route to Derry! Back in Derry, the losers club learns that they have to each put a personal item from their past in a sacred artifact and burn it as a sacrifice as part of the ritual to kill Pennywise. To do this they must set out alone to find this part of their past and re-visit old memories. Along the way, they each encounter Pennywise in their memories of their past and in their present time as he tries to scare them out of town. Surviving this and a couple of attacks from Bowers the losers club has all they need to complete the ritual and set out for a final confrontation with the evil clown and face certain death. 

There you have it my synopsis on the movie, well the best I could give you without giving away too much of the movie. Now we get to the good part of it all, the actual review! Now I know some have you have seen it and have their own opinions on the movie. Now here is mine! This movie, for the most part, was entertaining. There were quite a few thrills and chills along with some laughs as well to lighten up the mood. A few of the scary scenes were hard to watch, but this is a horror movie and we have to expect that! The movie pretty much follows the book and shows the length of the movie running at a time of 2hrs and 50min. It did drag at times but did not lose you for long while still managing to keep your interest. It did a great job with the casting as all the actors were perfectly suited to the young versions of their characters. All in all a decent conclusion to the book turned movie. It did a great job focusing more on the story rather than CGI. That being said I am giving It: Chapter 2 a 7.2 on the Justin Scale Of Movies which earns it a spot on my Pick-It List of movies to see at the theatre. I guess that is a wrap on my latest movie review my friends! Until next time remember to keep that popcorn fresh and to save me a good seat because I will be seeing you again at the movies!