Thanks For Your Support!

Good day my friends, this will be the last official post of mine for this blog page. I have decided to pursue my other writing projects and focus on them. Also, I have grown tired of being a critic! There are way too much judgment and criticism in this world. I have decided to focus on my other blog page which is my ongoing online story. Also, I will be working away at a few screenplays I have come up with. It has been a pleasure writing these reviews for you over these past 9 years. I have grown as a writer over this time and hopefully helped you make some informed decisions on your movie choices. On a personal note, this page has so many memories for me and it was hard to stop, heck, I made a really good friend from this page all the way over in London, England. That is why it took me so long to think this over, it was my bread and butter for 9years and I felt people looked to me for my opinion on movies. But, now I must switch my focus from critic to creator and move forward. So, in closing, I say thank you for all your years of support! It means the world to me! I will keep this page up for you to read past reviews if need be, but there will be no more reviews posted! This is, in fact, the last thing I post! I hope for your support on my other page, my online story! Thank you and see you later! :)