Fast And Furious Presents Hobbs And Shaw Revs Up the Action

Goodbye July! And hello August!... Just like every year the summer just seems to fly by in the blink of an eye inching us ever so closer to the dark days of winter. But,before that time can happen lets enjoy the sunshine and the summers days that we have left. After all we are only just entering the month of August! Like holy shit man! The month has just started lets not get ahead of ourselves here! Now lets get our heads right about the season we are in and see what Hollywood has for us as w start this most wonderful of the summer months. In the past I have always said that August can often surprise you with a movie that in a lot of cases saves the summer box office and surprises viewers with a pretty decent movie. In the past there have been a few movies to do this, making waves in an otherwise slow month of movies as studios start to put out movies that otherwise would not have survived in the peak time of the summer movie season. I like to call the first August release the last big blowout. With the studios cramming all their hopes for box office supremacy in the summer box office from now the end of April to the first weekend of August. Now you can't blame them for doing this, people are out on holidays with their kids, significant others or just on their own. Parents are starting to buy back to school gear. So when September rolls around they always have a few big draws to officially end the summer season. Not that during the slow time of August you can't find a few gems out there! In the past I know I have, but I am getting ahead of myself here! The movie that was chosen this year to kick off August and be the last big release was the spin off from the widely popular Fast And Furious franchise called Fast And Furious Presents Hobbs And Shaw. The movie stars Dwayne Johnson( The Rundown) as Luke Hobbs, Jason Statham(The Transporter) as Deckard Shaw, Vanessa Kirby( The Crown) as Hattie Shaw, Idris Elba(Thor) as Brixton, Helen Mirren(Red) as Queenie, Eiza Gonzalez(Baby Driver) as Madame M along with a couple of guest appearances that are not in the credits by Ryan Reynolds and Kevin Hart. Lets rev up our engines and see if this spin off can deliver the thrills and action that the original series always has.

In their respective countries Luke Hobbs(Johnson) and Deckard Shaw( Statham) are two of the best at finding people and doing the dangerous jobs that their governments need them to do. When Hattie Shaw(Kirby) a MI6 agent is accused of being a traitor for taking a biological weapon to protect it from getting into the hands of a cyber-genetically enhanced villain called Brixton(Elba) and the anarchist terror group he works for called Ettiene. This secret group wants to use the virus to wipe out most of humanity while only saving those it deems fit to live, the perfect specimens to mix human with machine. On the run from from her own agency with the virus capsules injected into her body Hattie has only days to get them out of her before the capsules break open killing not only her but also infecting many others. The CIA calls on both Hobbs and Shaw to help find Hattie who turns out is Deckards sister and their is some bad blood between them. With their past history together the two respective agents refuse to work together. Choosing to both find Hattie on their own in their own way.  When they do find her Brixton and his team from Ettiene also try and kidnap her to extract the capsules from her body. Shaw and Brixton have a past together as well as it was Shaw who was assigned to kill Brixton and did but Ettiene saved him and made him into cyber- superman. Trying to keep Hattie safe, Hobbs and Shaw are branded as terrorists by Ettiene, putting them on the worlds watchlist. They find the scientist who created the virus and there is only two options for Hattie and that is to be killed and her body burned or to go to Ettiene's secret facility in Ukraine to get the machine to extract the virus capsules. They choose the second option and have the machine in hand but in a battle with Brixton and his men the machine is damaged. With seemingly no hope left, Hobbs knows the only person that can help them is his estranged brother. So the the three fugitives go to Samoa, to Hobbs family to help them fix the machine to save Hattie's life and for one last stand against Brixton and his men.

Now I think I have given you a pretty good explanation of what the movie is about! Now, has it peaked your interest a bit? I am sensing that maybe it has, but you might be needing a little more information to see if you should see it or not! I think you might need me to give you my thoughts on this motion picture. This movie was your typical action movie with lots of car chases, explosions, gun fights and fist fights. Along with the whole action story line of needing to save the world. But, hey that is why we watch action movies in the first place, these story lines always have intrigued us and the ultimate battle between good and evil. The movie had a decent plot line adding some new characters and mixing them well with the old characters. The story had some good dialogue and jokes mixed with seriousness of the action to go along with the rivalry between characters Hobbs and Shaw. Statham and Johnson make a pretty good team and have a great onscreen chemistry. I can sense that with the success at the box office this wont be the last time we see the two of them together. Vanessa Kirby was a nice addition to the cast and gave us a tough, ass kicking, no nonsense women that is both beauty and toughness to give us a great female action hero. All in all a pretty good action movie that did also have a couple of cameos from Kevin Hart and Ryan Reynolds for that comic appeal. That is why I am giving this movie a 7.3 on The Justin Scale Of Movies and putting it on my Pick-It list of movies to see at the theatre right now. That is a wrap here my friends on this latest movie review. Until next time remember to keep that popcorn freshly popped and to save me a good seat because I will be seeing you again at the movies!