Stan & Ollie Entertainers, Legends And Friends!

Good day my friends I hope you are all doing well out there in the world where ever you may be. It seems that we are now in the month of February which from experience of living in a country that has a colder climate is usually the coldest month of the year. But the upside is that it is also the shortest month of the year. We have a few weeks to go through to get out of it and believe me when the weather is miserable it can seem like a lifetime. February is also a month known for celebrating relationships, whether it be the love of your life on Valentine's Day or International Friends Day. It is a month that’s all about the relationship! But I may sound like cynic, but I believe that we should celebrate our friendships every day and tell the special people we love them all the time not just on a certain day because the media or society has deemed it the thing to do! No matter what time of the year it is or what the weather maybe we should always take time to talk with our friends, family and that special someone. Or do something with them, invite them over for coffee, go do an activity that you both like to do or check out a movie with them. I know that I always have enjoyed sharing my love of movies with my friends. There are a few decent movies that have caught my eye to see before the month switches again and maybe I will see a few of them with friends. Why am I saying this? Well because the movie I am reviewing this week is about a lifelong friendship. That movie being Stan & Ollie, which stars Steve Coogan (The Other Guys) as Stan Laurel and John C. Reilly (Step Brothers) as Oliver Hardy. So, let us take another trip back in time and see if the classic comedy duo can still entertain us!

In the 1937 Laurel and Hardy were one of the greatest comedy duos of all time! Put together as a comedy team at Hal Roach studios years earlier they became great friends. With Stan Laurel (Coogan) writing most of their material they made the studio a ton of money from their
pictures but were still not paid as much as people like Charlie Chaplin. Most of the money they did make went to paying alimony and gambling. But when Stan’s contract is up, he looks for a better deal for himself and his partner Oliver Hardy (Reilly) after a heated argument with the studio head Hal Roach. But you see Oliver’s contract is not up yet and he does a picture with another actor. All the while this is happening Stan is waiting in the office of a major studio head to sign a contract for a huge deal. This put a slight rift on the relationship of the classic comedy duo. Sixteen years later, their golden era behind them, the duo is on a tour of Britain and Ireland. Stan hoping to get a movie producer in London to make a movie that he has written for himself and Ollie that would bring them back. Playing a variety hall tour of small theatres and even smaller crowds for an agent that doesn’t seem to have too much faith in the classic duo. Dismayed by the small crowds and that people don’t really know who they are anymore they continue in the hopes of getting to London so that the big movie producer could see them and make their picture. In order to get bigger crowds at their shows as the small crowds force their tour to be cancelled, they do public appearances to promote themselves and their act which starts to take its toll on Oliver’s already failing health. But as the crowd size increases so does the theatres as they reach London where their wives who meet them. With the love and support of their spouses they carry on. And it is also there that some long-buried issues with one another come up as the pressures of the tour gets to them. This leads to Oliver’s health taking a turn for the worst forcing him to drop out of the rest of the tour and Stan to have to finish it with another partner. But with any friendship Stan could not go on without Oliver and Oliver could not sit by and either forced into retirement. So, in what became their farewell tour the classic comedy duo gave the performance of a lifetime showing that the bonds of friendship are stronger than anything!

How does that sound my friends? Yeah, I know I ask you that question every time! But it’s just what I do! For me I though this was a very heartwarming true story about the bonds of friendship. While at 1hr and 38 min this movie was a great re-telling of the classic comedy duos farewell tour and the friendship they shared. The movie was well written and while there might have been some things changed for the big screen like it is so often done! This movie was put together nicely. While it did have some parts that lagged a bit. It kept the story going nicely. Steve Coogan and John C. Reilly put in great performances in their respective roles as Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy. It may not be one of those movies that garner a lot of advertising for audiences being a smaller picture it was good and worth the money for the admission cost. That is why I am giving Stan &Ollie a 7.3 on The Justin Scale Of Movies, putting it on my Pick-It List of movies to see in the theatre! That my friends is a wrap on my latest movie review! Until next time remember to keep that popcorn freshly popped and to save me a good seat, because I will be seeing you again at the movies!