The Power And Story Of Vice

Good day my friends hope you are all doing well and oh yeah! I almost forgot! Happy New Year to you all! And while 2018 has ended, I have to say it was a pretty good year for me. But I foresee that 2019 will be even better! The past year gave us so many great motion pictures that I am sure will be hard to beat! But if it's anything that I have learned it is that each year has good and bad when it comes to our own lives and with of course the movies that are released into the theatre. So far from what I have seen from some of the trailers, it looks pretty promising my friends! But the movie that I am looking at this week came out at the tail end of 2108. What movie is that you might ask? Well just sit tight because I will telling you that in two shakes of a cats tail! So...... how was everyones day? Just kidding! I am sure you are all like hey you promised to tell me what movie you are reviewing this week and than you ask me how I am! Lame joke! Haha! Well I thought it was funny.To get back to business here! It's time to get serious! The movie I am looking at is the political drama called Vice which stars Christian Bale(Batman Begins) as Dick Cheney, Amy Adams(The Fighter) as Lynne Cheney, Steve Carell( Foxcatcher) as Donald Rumsfeld and Sam Rockwell(Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri) as George W. Bush. So lets find out what the movie is about and than I will cat my vote to see if I should ore this movie into my Pick-It List or into my Flick-It Pile.

As a young man Dick Cheney(Bale) wasn't much of a student and preferred to drink and party, even getting himself kicked out of college and ending up stringing telephone wires in his home state of Wyoming. But his girlfriend Lynne(Adams) refuses to give up on him and after he is yet again picked up for drunk driving she gives him the ultimatum to straighten up and fly right or she will leave him. Young Dick takes this advice to heart and goes back to college and finishes. After college he becomes a congressman's aide in Washington for Republican congressman Donald Rumsfeld(Carell) who takes the young father of two daughters under his wing and shows him how to operate in the Nixon era D.C. Dick drive and ambition nets him a job in the White House. But when his mentor Rumsfeld is moved over seas by Nixon , Dick goes to work in the private sector. Than one day Nixon resigns from the office of President and Gerald Ford becomes President which turns out to be a blessing for him and his former boss Rumsfeld. Under the Ford administration he became the youngest White House Chief Of Staff. But after Ford lost the Presidency to Carter, Cheney in 1979 became a member of congress from Wyoming's at large district. It was during his first campaign that he had his first heart attack an event that would happen a few more times over the years. During his time as a congressman he became the Chair of the House Republican Conference and the House Minority Whip. He also became instrumental in voting against many key bills his party was against during the Reagan years. And than in 1989 he was made Secretary Of Defence in the George H. W. Bush years. But when Bush's one term ended he left politics for the private sector as Chairman and CEO of Halliburton Company when he made the decision not to run for President to spare his daughter Mary from the effects of a character debate over her being gay. Cheney had always been fascinated by the power the president could wield with the right circumstances. Than one day young George W. Bush(Rockwell) has become the presidential nominee for the Republican party and wants Dick to be his running mate. Knowing that the Vice Presidency is a pretty much nothing job he see's the young Bush as his way of getting to be President without having to run for it and avoiding character debates.He agrees to be VP only if Bush lets him basically do a large majority of of his important Presidential duties. Bush agrees and Cheney basically becomes the man that pulls the strings, a lot of his decisions would reshape the country and the world in ways that would still feel the effects of today

Now this is basically what the movie is about and what it focuses on. There is so much more substance in this movie that I didn't include as not to ruin it for you incase you choose to see it! So now comes the fun part and that is my thoughts on the movie for you all! Firstly I have to say that I loved the way this movie was done being told to us by an unknown narrator played by actor Jesse Plemons(Game Night) who we don't find out the connection until the end. The story was interesting and I am sure like in all biographical movies this one changed a few things here and there. But the story was still good and thought provoking. It had strong performances by all involved and you could barely tell it was Christian Bale as he looked so much like the former VP. While it had a different style of time jumping from key moment to key moment in Cheney's life, it still worked well. My one take back from this movie was that it moved slow at times but it still was good enough to keep your interest. That is why this movie is getting a 7.2 on the Justin Scale Of Movies landing it a position on the Pick-It List of movies to see in the theatre. this movie had some performances that could end up becoming Oscar nominations. That's a wrap for this latest movie my friends. Until next time remember to save me a good seat and to keep that popcorn freshly popped because I will be seeing you again at the movies!