Bohemian Rhapsody Will Rock You!

Good day my friends! Hope you are all doing well! Firstly I want to start out and apologize to you all for not posting a review this past week. There were some things that I had to do this week that kept me pretty busy and I was also fighting off a pretty harsh cold that showed up on Wednesday. But thats alright because I am back and here to give you the first movie review of the month of November. There are quite a few movies coming out this month that seem to have potential and a few that might even be Oscar worthy. But how does one kick off the month? Well the answer to that is simple! We need the right story and some great performances. Perhaps even throw in a great soundtrack. What would even make it better is the story that is told could be based on someones life, maybe someone who was larger than life and left a mark on society that is still remembered to this day. Someone legendary that people still know their name! Oh wait! That is exactly what we have here for this weeks movie review. You see the movie that we are reviewing this week is the long awaited biographical drama on the band Queen and their legendary front man Freddie Mercury titled Bohemian Rhapsody. The movie stars Rami Malek(Mr.Robot) as Freddie Mercury, Lucy Boynton(Murder On The Orient Express) as Mary Austin, Gwilym Lee(The Tourist) as Brian May, Ben Hardy(X-Men Apocalypse) as Roger Taylor and Joseph Mazzello(Jurassic Park) as John Deacon. So lets get ready to stop our feet and clap our hands to the beat and we learn more about this movie.

The year is 1970 in London,England and a young dreamer is working as a baggage handler at Heathrow airport. That young dreamer is named Farrokh Bulsara whose family came to England from Zanzibar. He writes songs in his spare time and spends his free time following a local band around that sings in college bars. His father wanted more of him but Farrokh who now changed his name to Freddie(Malek) wanted noting more than to follow his dream of being a singer. As chance would have it that night the lead singer of the band he followed around left the band. It was was there that that he met his lifelong band mates and friends Brain May(Lee) and Roger Taylor(Hardy) who gave him the the job as their new singer after he impresses them with his four-octave vocal range. Also on that night he met Mary Austin(Boynton) and began a longterm relationship with her. Struggling to make a name for themselves, they decide to make a record. It was than and there that the band changed its name to Queen and impressed with their unique sound, record executives signed them to a contract and put them on tour. The band shot to superstardom with their iconic sounds and revolutionary sound and Freddie's flamboyant stage presence that defied stereotypes that shattered convention. Through this time Freddie and Mary's long-term relationship ends when he admits to her that he is gay but they remained lifelong friends and always called her the love of his life. But as the band reached unparalleled success Freddie now in a relationship with Paul Prenter begins to segregate him from his band mates. Freddie life goes a little dark under the influence of Paul even leaving the band in pursuit of a solo career. With the encouragement of Mary, Freddie kicks Paul out of his life and suffering greatly without the collaboration of Queen he reunites with his bandmates in time to join the legendary Live Aid concert to raise money for the starving people in Africa. While bravely facing a recent AIDS diagnosis, Freddie and his bandmates put on one of the greatest performances in in the history of rock and roll that is still remembered to this day!

Now I hope I gave you just the right amount of info on the synopsis of the movie without telling what the whole thing is about. Now comes the fun part! That is where I give you my opinion on the movie. This highly anticipated movie was well worth the wait in my personal opinion. It had a smart script that not only told the story of singer Freddie Mercury from the time he joined the band Queen. But also told of the relationships he had with his bandmates and the people that shaped his life. It gave us a a great story filled with drama, humour and heart. The performances in this movie were pretty good and of course the great songs that made Queen great filled the movie making you want to sing along with them. Rami Malek did a fantastic job in his role of Freddie Mercury and I just might see an Oscar nomination in his future for this performance. The story flowed nicely and never once left you wanting to check your watch wanting it to be over. This is a movie I can see myself seeing again! Now I know there will be some out there that will say this was weak, or that there were some details left out. But in my opinion it was well done and enjoyable, you can tell by the amount of people saying how much they liked it when they were walking out of the theatre. For these reasons I am giving Bohemian Rhapsody a 8.3 on The Justin Scale Of Movies earning it a spot high on the Pick-It List of movies to see in the theatre right now! As they say in show business "That's A Wrap!" So it is time for me to sign off here and prepare to find my next movie to review and other writing projects. Until next time... remember to save me a good seat and to keep that popcorn freshly popped because I will be seeing you again at the movies!