Venom Emerges On The Big Screen

Good day my friends! How are you all doing today? Good I hope! Now on Sunday I had promised you that I would be giving you a second review this week. And I am a man of my word my friends. You see the most valuable thing we can give is our word and the most precious thing we possess is not any trinkets or huge bank account. No the most precious thing that we possess is our integrity. It's our integrity that keeps us human after all. These days though it seems that there is a lack of integrity in the world. Sometimes our integrity can be somewhat tarnished but so long as we don't lose who we are, we can still remain a good person. That being said I should get on with my movie review! And speaking of possession and keeping our integrity kind of ties in with the movie that we are reviewing. That movie being the long awaited emergence on the big screen of the extremely popular Spiderman character Venom who has finally gotten his own stand alone movie. This movie stars Tom Hardy(Inception) as Eddie Brock/Venom, Michelle Williams(Brokeback Mountain) as Anne Weying and Riz Ahmed(Rogue One: A Star Wars Story) as Carlton Drake/Riot. So let us get taken over by the alien symbiote and see just who he is!

When a spaceship from billionaire businessman Carton Drake's(Ahmed) company the Life Foundation crashes in Malaysia on it's way back from exploring possible new planets to sustain human life it also carries a special cargo onboard. You see Drake has brought back from a comet in outer space 4 alien symbiotes. But as 3 of the life forms have been recovered, one has gone missing the symbiote known as Riot and is making its way moving from body to body towards San Francisco where the other symbiotes are and transportation aboard another of Drakes spaceships to bring down more of his brethren to wipe out the human race. Standing in his way is reporter Eddie Brock(Hardy) who after getting fired and losing his fiancee for trying to expose Drakes unethical business practices and experiments on human subjects that proved fatal months prior. Trying to redeem himself and prove his point on Drake right Eddie agrees to help Life Foundation scientist Dr. Dora Skirth expose Drake's latest human experiments of the attempt to merge human and symbiote that are proving fatal. While gathering evidence in the lab where the experiments are being performed Eddie comes into contact with the symbiote named Venom who has an insatiable appetite especially for living flesh. Having found the perfect match with Eddie, Venom will do anything to protect himself and the body of his host Eddie. When Drake finds out that  the missing symbiote is with Eddie he will stop at nothing to get it back. With Drake after him and an alien symbiote inside him Eddie asks his former girlfriend Anne(Williams) for help. But the other missing symbiote Riot has taken possession of Drake's body and is planning on  bringing down more of his kind. So it is up to Eddie and venom to stop him before he destroys the Earth and all life on it.

So sounds kind of cool, doesn't it? Well let me tell you it was a pretty decent movie my friends. It had a pretty good story which grabbed you from the start and kept a nice steady flow throughout the entire film. The back and forth between Eddie and Venom was fantastic and really made the movie fun. The chemistry between Tom Hardy and Michelle Williams seemed a little weak. There needed to be a tiny bit more character detail on some of the supporting characters. The character of Carlton Drake was well written an performed making him a fine villain. The action sequences were okay and the special effects were really good. All in all a pretty good movie that had a nice mix of action and some laughs. here and there. It kept my attention and the attention of those in the theatre. That is why I am giving Venom a 7.2 on The Justin Scale Of Movies and putting it on my Pick-It List of movies to see in the theatre. It was a pretty fun movie to watch! So that is a wrap on my latest movie review my friends. Until next time remember to keep that popcorn freshly popped and to save me a good seat because I will be seeing you again at the movies.