Scaring Up A Review For The Nun

Hey everyone! I told you I would be back with another review is week! Hope you didn't think that I was not going to do another review! Yeah there were a few times in the past that I have not done what I said or forgot. But granted I have been pretty steady lately with my reviews. You don't have to worry though as long as there are movies to see in the theatre, I will be there to give you a weekly or occasionally a bi-weekly review. You just have to have a little faith in me and believe that I will be here week after week to chat with you about the movies. That being said I am not going to ramble on to much here and just get straight to the review of the newest addition to The Conjuring franchise called The Nun which stars Taissa Farmiga( The Final Girls) as Sister Irene, Demian Bichir( The Hateful Eight) as Father Burke and Jonas Bloquet(Elle) as Frenchie. So let us take a look at The Nun to see if she can scare audiences in the theatres or away from the theatres.

In a old mid-evil abbey in the Romanian countryside there lies a secret. A secret that the catholic church and the nuns that live there have been keeping for a hundreds of years. Deep in the heart of the abbey an evil force resides, it has been held at bay for many years now trapped in a closed gate between our world and hell. Closed by the catholic church with the blood of Christ it remained at closed and the evil held at bay by the order through constant prayer. But bombing from WW2 have reopened that gate and the evil i taken her final s loose trying to escape again into the world. When a young nun takes her own life and is discovered by local villager named Frenchie(Bloquet) the Vatican sends Father Burke (Bichir)a priest with a haunted past of his own and a young nun Sister Irene(Farmiga)  who has not taken her final vows yet with the gift of visions to investigate. Together they investigate to see if the abbeys still holy ground or if it has been taken over by evil. As their investigation continues they are confronted by a malevolent force in the form of a nun. The same nun would appear many years later in Amittyville and in London to the Warrens. This demonic force is known as Valek. Sister Irene and Father Burke discover the abbeys dark secret putting their lives, faith and their very souls at risk and try to find the relic that the abbey has hidden to stop the demonic force known as Valek from escaping into the world and infecting it with its evil.

Well how does that sound? Hope I did not give too much away on you here! That's right you are here to find out what I thought! Well, firstly I have to say that this movie did have a lot of scares which had you jumping in your seats. The story was decent but could have been a little stronger but seemed to carry itself. It started out good, the middle kind of dragged bait but finished off answering our questions we had. The characters could have been better developed and seems a little weak. And the acting was fairly weak as well. The scenery for the story was well used and helped build the effect and set the tone for the movie. All in all an okay movie but not spectacular! It lacked a few things to make it better. That is why I am giving The Nun a 6.0 on The Justin Scale Of Movies and placing it on my Flick-It List of movies to see out of the theatre. And that's a wrap here my friends on my latest movie review! Until next time! Keep that popcorn freshly poppe and save me a good seat because I will be seeing you at the movies!