Two Heroes Are Better Than One In Ant-Man And The Wasp

Good day my friends!... So how is your summer going so far? Good I hope :) How's mine you ask? It is going pretty good if I do say so! But life no matter what day, week, month, year or season we may be in it is all about making the best of each moment. That was pretty deep, I know but it is the truth. Everyday we live is like a sequel and as the writer, director, producer and lead actor in our life story we decide just how great it will be. Now that the little bit of deepness I like to inject into my reviews has been said has been said we can move on here and talk a bit more about what we came here for.... That being who will win this years World Cup France or Croatia? Just kidding my friends I can't tell you that! Or pick a clear winner as there have been a lot of upsets at the tournament. Nope I am here for one reason and one reason only! That is to give you what you anxiously await for every Wednesday, which is my latest movie review! It is a day I know that some of you my loyal readers await to find out and see if the movie I have recently seen is worth going to and spending money on! Look no further because it is here. And with this weeks movie review we get the latest release from Marvel Studios and Disney with the sequel that proves that size of the person doesn't matter in a hero but the size of their heart. Yes this week we take a look at Ant-Man And The Wasp which stars Paul Rudd( 40 Year Old Virgin) as Scott Lang/Ant-Man, Evangelne Lily( Real Steel) as Hope Van Dyne, Michael Douglas(Wall Street) as Hank Pym, Lawrence Fishburne(The Matrix) as Dr. Bill Foster, Hannah John-Kamen( Game Of Thrones) as Ava/Ghost, Michael Pena( The Martian) as Luis and Michelle Pfieffer(Batman Returns) as Janet Van Dyne/ Wasp. So lets take a look at this latest superhero movie to see if it packs a punch!

It has been a couple of years since Scott Lang/Ant-Man went and fought alongside The Avengers in Captain America: Civil War and was imprisoned for violating the Soccovia Accords. He took a plea deal from the government and has spent the past couple of years on house arrest. In the terms of his deal he cannot have any contact with any other person who also violated the accords which includes Hank Pym and his daughter Hope as it was their suit he used making the father and daughter fugitives constantly on the run. Scott is placed on house arrest having to wear an ankle monitor for the past two years running his own home security business he founded with his friend Luis and spend time with his daughter Cassie. With 2 days away from finally being released from his ankle monitor he has a strange dream of when he was in the quantum realm. A dream of Hank's wife Janet encountering him while he was in there and a memory from her past. He leaves Hank and Hope message telling them of what just happened. Before he knows it he is recruited by the father and daughter to find out what he knows as it can help the research that they have been working on, a machine that would take them into the quantum realm and it seems Scott has the key that may help them in some way. What seems like a simple task to keep Scott from getting caught by the government for violating his plea deal takes a turn for the worse as a mysterious former S.H.I.E.L.D assassin called ghost who has a tie to Hank's past that can phase in and out of reality wants  Hank's machine for herself to fix her condition before it kills her. She steals the lab which Hank can shrink down at the push of a button. Hope and Scott work together with their prospective suits to battle her and a black market tech and weapons dealer named Sonny Burch who is also after the lab too. The tiny heroes and their associates work together to re-acuire the lab so that they can save Hope's mother Janet from the quantum realm before  the time to do disappears forever and Janet is lost.

Now I know I didn't give away too much about the movie but still told you enough to wet your appetite! My question to you now is what do you think? You're probably not convinced on it yet? I know trailers can only tell you so much. In that case I will tell you what I thought of it than! So when it came to this latest movie from Marvel I would have to tell you it was fantastic. The story was perfectly done with an interesting and fun plot with enjoyable characters. It was filled with tons of humour, heart and action. The on screen chemistry between all the actors was fantastic and more than noticeable. They worked well together and made this script come perfectly to life. A fitting sequel to this superhero franchise. This is the type of movie that can be enjoyed by everyone. That is why I am giving it a 7.7 on The Justin Scale Of Movies and putting it on my Pick-It  list of movies to see at the theatre this month. Looks like we have reached the end of the review here! Which means it is time for me to call it a wrap! As always please get out and enjoy the joy and moments that going to the theatre brings. It's a great experience that downloading or online streaming just can't duplicate. Plus it helps support the hard working people who work behind the scenes to bring these stories to life. Please save me a good seat and keep that popcorn freshly popped because I will be seeing you again at the movies!